Monday, April 02, 2007

He felt...

That there are times when truths are best kept hidden.

Without truth, misunderstandings happen. When misunderstandings happen, taste of bitterness and hatred arises. Until one’s doubts are made clear then only can a problem be settled.

It had happened not only once, but twice or even three times.

He always told himself that there might be a mistake or anything.

But no matter how he sees it, it seems like they were always the ones left behind.

“Were we not friends of yours? Why are we the only ones left out?” he wondered.

At first he was disappointed, but convinced himself that there might be some mistakes.

He told his close friends about it, expecting them to be surprised.

Instead, they said to him: “Only now then you realize this? You are slow!”

“I told you before, you don’t have to be too friendly with them.” says one.

“We were never included!” says another.

“Don’t waste your time with them!” says yet another.

Again and again those words echoed in his head. Soon, rage within him grows exponentially as it was fed with bitter thoughts and hatred.

Maybe they were right after all; he had been lying to himself for being unable to face it.

“Time to wake up, it’s time to face reality.” Was what he told himself.

The sacrifices and time spent previously became worthless to him suddenly. They were NOTHING at all! Maybe there had never been any value in it.


Eric said...

eh, i tak faham ur post lah.. perhaps i need to take upsr englsh test again.. hmm.. chimnology..

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. it makes sense if you put yourself in his shoes... Or maybe there are other hidden messages behind it.

Wei Liang said...

Eric: Sometimes it is better off if left unknown.

Anonymous: Thanks, whoever you are.