Saturday, June 28, 2008

A bad premonition

Last night, I had two dreams.

Both dreams are completely unrelated to each other but the only thing that makes me shiver is that the two dreams share the same message or warning.

That I am going to either misplace my laptop or it will be stolen.

One will usually tell himself / herself that dreams and reality are two parallel worlds and will never cross each other. But given the fact that there are a couple of times that my dreams actually came true, (as in what I had dreamed of before waking up actually happened like what I had in my dream) how can I not be worried of it?

Sometimes my dreams really make me turn paranoid even though it sounds silly if you try to think of it logically…

Online games…

Brings back countless pieces of memories when I was a hardcore online gamer.

Reminds me of those I befriend with,
Reminds me of those both happy and sad moments,
Reminds me of those I hurt and lied to,
Reminds me of those I cheated and being cheated by,
Reminds me of my foolish mistakes,

And lastly, reminds me that what I have achieved in online games is actually nothing in reality and that I was a fool to place online games first instead of my loved ones.

Below is one of the many scenes that I wanted to get rid off but it stubbornly resides in my sea of memories…

R.O.S.E. online.
She needed money to buy her own equipment and...

Me: “I just found (insert item name) and will sell it for
1mil later and the money will be mine.”

Her: “…”


The phrase “learning from mistakes” is so true, isn’t it? I guess those memories of mine will always keep me company to refrain me from doing the same mistake again.

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